All the following downloads are available freely for research and education purposes only. They are provided as is, without any warranty. The authors cannot be held responsible for any unlawful use; the whole responsibility belongs to the user. You may not download and use them unless you agree with the statements above.


Brownie Cashlib (local original copy)


Official Arbitration (Prerequisite: Cashlib)

Chinese Remainder Theorem (Prerequisite: Cashlib) 


Inner State Hash Calculation (Prerequisite: Eclipse with AspectJ extension. Works with Java codes only.)

Outsourced Computation (Prerequisite:  Inner State Hash Calculation) (Also contains implementation of malicious contractors for research related purposes.)


FlexDPDP (Prerequisite: Cashlib) (Contains implementation of skip lists, authenticated skip lists, rank based authenticated skip lists, flexlists, dynamic provable data possession based on flex lists.)


SkipSim Skip Graph Simulator

Skip Graph "Search by Name ID" Algorithm Technical Report

PPAD: Privacy Preserving Group-Based Advertising in Online Social Networks: Includes the full version of PPAD with security proof