Here are some high-level project ideas that may be developed if a student/collaborator is interested (some of them are extensions to our current or past projects, some are new):

  • Usable Security, Password-based Authentication, One-time Passwords, Dictionary Attacks
  • Peer-to-peer systems, including video streaming, storage, distribution, and their security
  • Database Privacy, Private Information Retrieval, Privacy-preserving Information Sharing
  • Private Health Information Sharing, Electronic Health System record privacy
  • Cryptocurrency systems, Electronic Cash, Anonymous Credentials, Bitcoin, Blockchain
  • Electronic identity systems (e-ID and e-passport), Anonymous Authentication, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Novel applications with Lattice-based cryptography
  • Novel applications with Elliptic-curve cryptography

Contact us with a research proposal if interested. See the Work with Us page.

Future Projects