Fairly exchanging digital content is an everyday problem. A fair exchange scenario commonly involves Alice and Bob. Alice has something that Bob wants, and Bob has something that Alice wants. A fair exchange protocol guarantees that at the end either each of them obtains what (s)he wants, or neither of them does.

There has been a great deal of research on fairly exchanging two items. But when one considers peer-to-peer systems, efficiency and performance of the fair exchange protocol matters. In the past, we have created an efficient and scalable optimistic fair exchange protocol suitable for use in high-churn peer-to-peer file sharing systems. Currently, we are working on applying fair exchange protocols to other scenarios where needed. These scenarios include secure two-party or multi-party computation, as well as cloud storage systems.

Furthermore, while analyzing the limits of fair exchange protocols, we looked at distributing centralized parties, such as the trusted third party, the arbiter. Our results include impossibility cases and optimality proofs.

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Project Funding:

We are grateful for the support from TÜBİTAK and European Union COST Action IC1306.