Nowadays, outsourcing is very popular, including outsourcing the storage and querying of databases to untrusted servers. There are two main issues with such an outsourced database: Secrecy of the data, and authenticity of the query results. We are interested in developing cryptographic mechanisms to the latter: Our solutions enable a client to verify that the results returned for her query is:

  • Complete: There is no extra record added to or no missing record removed from the result.
  • Correct: All records in the result remain unmodified.
  • Fresh: The result only contains the latest versions of the records in a dynamic database.

We also separate the job of the regular database management system (DBMS), and the database authentication system (DBAS). We leave the DBMS unmodified, and introduce a DBAS system that can work with any DMBS solution. We further let the data owner and queriers to be different parties.

Related Publications:

  1. Mohammad Etemad, Alptekin Küpçü, “Database Outsourcing with Hierarchical Authenticated Data Structures“, ICISC 2013.

Project Funding:

We are grateful for the support from TÜBİTAK.