In this paper we present a practical protocol for secure ridge regression. We develop the necessary secure linear algebra tools, using only basic arithmetic over prime fields. In particular, we will show how to solve linear systems of equations and compute matrix inverses efficiently, using appropriate secure random self-reductions of these problems. The distinguishing feature of our approach is that the use of secure fixed-point arithmetic is avoided entirely, while circumventing the need for rational reconstruction at any stage as well. We demonstrate the potential of our protocol in a standard setting for information-theoretically secure multiparty computation, tolerating a dishonest minority of passively corrupt parties. Using the MPyC framework, which is based on threshold secret sharing over finite fields, we show how to handle large datasets efficiently, achieving practically the same root-mean-square errors as Scikit-learn. Moreover, we do not assume that any (part) of the datasets is held privately by any of the parties, which makes our protocol much more versatile than existing solutions.